What skills do I have?

  • Advanced Unity 3D game development experience
  • Programming in C# and frequent use of various design patterns
  • Broad understanding of game systems
  • Writing Unity shaders
  • UI/UX design for games
  • Experience with Blender, Inkscape and Photoshop

What is my experience in the gaming industry?

Current Work: Unity programmer freelance

Where: Bundle Of Sticks Studio, Rimon Studio

When: Aug. 2017 -

Main responsibilities:

  • Design and implementation of games architecture
  • Design and implementation of various gameplay mechanics
  • Implementing UI features using Unity UI

Worked As: Unity Developer - Client Side

Where: 7 elements Studios

When: Jan. 2015 - Dec. 2016

Main responsibilities:

  • Developing new features and modifying existing features in Unity3D
  • Optimization for mobile platforms (Android and iOS)
  • Implementing UI features using NGUI
  • Writing shaders for mobile platforms
  • Dev-ops - Working with development of continuous integration tools such as Jenkins, GIT and SVN
  • Integration of plugins (prime31, appsflyer, NGUI)


Worked As: Unity Developer

Where: Indie development

When: Feb. 2014 - Dec. 2014

Main responsibilities:

  • Sole creator of “Stork’s Story”, a mobile “bullet hell” game
  • Concept, Design, Prototype and Implementation in Unity3D

Other experience I have:

  • Worked As: Food industry entrepreneur, doing a feasibility examination for new food product in the Israeli Market
    When: 2013
    General New product experimentation and testing of manufacture, regulation and distribution
  • Worked As: Technologist and Process Department Manager
    Where: Bet Shemesh Engines
    When: Aug. 2011 - Jun. 2012
  • Worked As: Material Engineer
    Where: Israeli Metals Institute
    When: Jun. 2009 - May 2010
  • Worked As: Cinema Manager and advertising consultant
    Where: Technion Students' Union
    When: Apr. 2006 - Jun 2008