Stork's Story

It's a touching story of a stork that only wants to deliver babies. But the evil Pteronoids want to prevent this and they fight our hero with contraceptives (!?!??)

This is my opening shot into the game development world. I learned everything there is to learn about game development and publishing. From design, prototyping, sketching ideas, through play-testing, hiring freelancers to polish the art, and up to publish it to the world.

As being the first born (pun intended), one of it's major flaws is the balancing (or lack of).

Available only for android, here.


In January 2016, as part of the Global Game Jam, I joined forces with a few, very talented people for 36 hours to make Pilgrims. It's a short puzzle game in which you, as a multi-god, needs to help your Pilgrims to reach the temple (and worship you, of course).

We were quite satisfied with the result. As usual with a GGJ game, this is by no means finished or polished game, but the result came out quite good.

You can play it here (there are only 3 levels)