Sky Wars: Archon Rises

By 7 Elements Studios

About the game:

Build your empire in this Gorgeous 3D Fantasy MMO Strategy Game.
Raise an Army of Archangels, Fight against the Fallen Demons and lead your Alliance to a world-wide victory!
Unite with players from all over the world to strategize and destroy enemy alliances to rule the heavens.

What I did:

  • Developed new features and modifyed existing features in Unity3D
  • Optimization for mobile platforms (Android and iOS)
  • Implemented UI features using NGUI
  • Wrote shaders for mobile platforms
  • Dev-ops - Working with development of continuous integration tools such as Jenkins, GIT and SVN
  • Integration of plugins (prime31, appsflyer, NGUI)

The game went off line, so here are a trailer and gameplay:

Mission: 929

By Rimon Stuio

About the game:

App designed to help children to learn the bible (Hebrew only)

I designed the architecture and developed the mini games.

The app can be found here.